Premout Vincent Sheppard lieliskas āra mēbeles
Premout Manutti āra mēbeles
Premout Royal Botania āra terases mēbeles
Premout Vondom modernas āra mēbeles

Furniture with a name

Furniture from four Belgian manufacturers with different styles and histories, but a subtle attitude towards the environment, people and time. Furniture that does not change its quality and relevance in the long run.

VONDOM is a leading manufacturer of avant-garde outdoor furniture, flower pots, lamps and rugs for both everyday life and commercial use.

Two centuries – Vincent Shepard with its 100 years of history, and Manutti, Royal Botania and VONDOM with the breath and aura of this century. Meet these fantastic furniture manufacturers:

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Manutti – family experience

Manutti’s success is linked to a clever mix of our founders’ experience and intuition. CEO Stephane De Winter is the son of the owner of a flax processing company and he learnt everything there is to know about cloth and fibres from childhood. He started his career as accountant, but his knowledge of fibre and sales talent did not stay unnoticed. Soon he was in charge of selling home furniture fabrics. He joined another furniture manufacturer and helped the brand gain international exposure. It was at that time that Stephane De Winter noticed the growing consumer demand for outdoor furniture and set up his own outdoor furniture company. He started his own production and sale of outdoor tables and furniture in his parents’ garages.

Did you know?

The name Manutti is a nod to Stephane De Winter’s son Manu and his love for the refined Italian touch.